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HTC wants to bring Sense Home to any Android device

HTC sense 8

If there is something that has always been very recognized HTC is its layer personalized Sense. At a time in which had to relegate in custom layers in order to get a slightly special interface, Sense was the utmost in this regard. He even managed to engage iPhone users looking for how to take part of the interface to their phones from Apple.

HTC is now sending invitations to test Sense Home 8 in Android devices that are not of your brand, what is all a first and novelty. We could almost say that if you can’t beat’em, join it. This type of strategy has worked very well to Microsoft which has been able to reach more users with its excellent apps in the Google Play Store since it launched them and prove their worth as it happens with this watchface.

With this movement is also attached to the other companies that have been its custom layers apps Google Play Store, although this time as its main application to home really is something good striking. It is quite true that to have the option of installing the Sense launcher will cause many users to switch to it because of the quality that has.

Invitations are coming to users who have Android 4.4 or above, but what is not known is when they will start the test phases. An interesting movement so that any user know first-hand what Sense is when you install the launcher and can convince you that the next could be one of the Taiwanese company. The other side that the launch of this launcher can come you very well to HTC is so it may involve BlinkFeed who is in charge of selling his space for advertising, so it could obtain benefits.

We will be attentive to the arrival of this app and the possibility of usproving the APK.

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