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HTC would have sold 100,000 devices live in virtual reality

HTC Vive

Virtual reality is one of the great steps taken in this year with various devices and companies that are betting heavily on this new world that opens before our eyes and feet. Samsung Gear VR, HTC lives or possibilities of DayDream in Android Nougat, enables us to we can almost talk of the year for the VR or, at least, of his first steps well dies.

At the moment, the device that offers a better experience is live HTC. And by what can know in the day of today, there is a great demand that is is making in all a reality if know of them data that has offered SteamSpy that suggests that HTC would have sold near them 100,000 devices lives since outside released of form official at the beginning of the month of April.

We can not forget that lives is a device of VR which has one of the best partners that one could find in the gaming, and this is nothing more or less than Valve. SteamSpy offers data on your site in which one of them titles more popular for live, Tilt Brush, has now near 94,911 owners with a margin of error of near 8.213.

To be an exclusive live game, each user quejuegue to Tilt Brush should have it, so there are a few figures that put us before a potential users between the 86.698 and the 103.124 of the live HTC for the beginning of this month. The only thing that happens is that, if we look at other games such as Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption, these tells the same story to indicate that there are 73,137 people who play them from SteamSpy.

The difference between these figures could indicate a lack of attention to these two games. Also there that mention that in that figure total of owners of a HTC lives, also is includes to which have them kits of development, that can get to some thousands. So we are left with a round figure of 100,000 devices in only three months is something quite amazing. Already in their first minutes managed to get to this figure.

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