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Huawei CEO talks about the future of Leica and its mobile to Daydream for this year


Huawei is fulfilling the expectations given for this year and is already preparing for part of their future with some of the most striking features that will have their mobile devices for years. Being as third largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world, is an added pressure for a company that wants to continue growing to at some point in the future become to the first or second puest that retain Samsung and Apple respectively.

In an interview given to the Wall Street Journal, Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, stated that the manufacturer will launch a phone ready for the VR or virtual reality in this fall. In this way will be added to standard Google Daydream that will be integrated into Android N. Yu was also discussing the future that awaits the company with the agreement with Leica, such an agreement which has managed to also lift many expectations by the possibilities in photography for Huawei.

Yu said in regard to Leica, this work shaped joint it will remain thus during the next five years, so we hope that we will see a more close collaboration by the German manufacturer of optical sight on Huawei P9, which really did not mean a huge difference to that seen in previous years past.

Yu also shared the goal in time for Huawei in the sector of smartphones:

“We want to be the number one of the manufacturers that sell more smartphones in the world. It is a race of great distance and we have the patience to do so. Our growth is coming mainly from the high end. If you want to be the leading seller you must be that lead the high-end “.

While Huawei is finding its market in Europe, Middle East and India, the manufacturer does not have a greater presence in the United States. Yu said that Huawei was in talks with operators to bring more terminals to the country, but said nothing specific about certain products.

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