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Huawei goes to by Apple, its figures of revenue increase a 40%


Huawei this year has played to continue introducing new editions of its popular terminals and has launched anything new in his flagship as the dual camera in the rear for monochrome pictures of great quality. Is playing very well their letters, since knows that has horse winner, so this year seems that goes directed to another well spectacular with some figures of sales of units that can commit to the second that more sold in the world, Apple.

And it is that the Chinese giant recently announced figures that may be in evidence to other manufacturers who thought that it had all made to let another year without major innovations in its main smartphone. Huawei has just declared that it has grown by 40% in sales revenues in the first half of 2016. It is just a 10 percent improvement when compared to the same period of last year. So if that is to get a little nervous if that leads to one of those two companies that are at the top, the first Samsung and the second Apple one out.

In those 6 months after, the company has amassed $ 36,800 million and has to keep this movement, what would put it in the goal of 75,000 million dollars by the end of 2016. Are figures that is us escape to all, but are with which is move these companies that is are in disputes open to hold those positions in the leadership of the largest seller of smartphones of the planet.

Huawei has also cited that it has become the target in 2016 with a note in conclusion well positive in finances, obtained by the success of its current operations. Sabrina Menga, CFO of the company, added that the manufacturer has achieved a stable growth in three of its business units, so its global presence is increasingly adding more whole.

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