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Huawei has already sold 140 million smartphones in 2016

P9 Plus

It company Chinese Huawei goes direct to by Apple for remove you that second position as the largest seller of smartphones in all the planet. Already it said along the year that their objective was even Samsung in question of years, although this career is a rather slow in which not there is that commit any type of error, since you can carry to be ahead by those others so many that try to sell their devices.

Several days to finish this year 2016, now we know that sales volume marketed as aim for 2016 has been reached by Huawei. All great news that Chinese manufacturer with this year’s increased what has been achieved in the previous year of 2015, so to expect anything when we separated well in that position lies when those who are those who have most sold in 2016.

After beating an own record of 100 millions of terminals distributed in 2015, Huawei increased their expectations to 120 million devices, but which finally rose up to 140 million.

According to the Vice President of a company that has been in the anonymity, the objective of 140 million of devices sold has been got, what would mean an increase of the 40 percent in comparison with the year last. A manufacturer that even this year has not been able to continue the success of Huawei 6 p, to say no to the big G when presented you the opportunity to manufacture the Google Pixel.

This great success achieved is even more striking due to the stagnation both of Samsung as of Apple and other manufacturers Chinese. It is mainly due to the extraordinary progress obtained in low cost devices and the high-end models with a tighter than HTC 10 or Galaxy S7 price edge.

Ships logo as are the P9 and P9 Plus, that got some sales combined of 6 million of units in September and 9 million in the month last, would be of them 10 million for even get to them 12 million to the be near their cycle of life. Either we cannot ignore 8 Mate that would have crossed the limit of 7 million units distributed to 9-Matt prepares for global expansion.

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