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Huawei removed the photo example of the photography of the P9, taken up really with a camera of $4,500

Huawei P9

It marketing sometimes plays very bad past to the try demonstrate the quality of an element of the hardware of a phone, in this case is you has gone a little of them hands to Huawei. In this competitive market in which certain details can distance one of the competition, passed stripe can have bad consequences or result in the opposite of the first intention: a bad publicity.

Nor are going to make an accusation or a critical, but only present them made and that each one think what want. And it is that a few days ago, Huawei issued what appeared to be a photo taken with the P9 to demonstrate the high quality of the photography that offers this great phone. Until here all well, what occurs that that that shared the photo from Google +, unaware that this network social acts as Flickr, keeps them metadata EXIF of the camera in any entry that is lance.

The photo was really amazing with a spectacular quality grade that could motivate that somebody was thinking about replacing your phone in order to have the advantage of making that kind of photos with your Huawei P9 camera. Although if one focuses on the details, to be a photograph that was taken up in a moment of the day in which light begins to run low, it might be suspicious of, at least, look at those metadata to check if it had really been taken with the flagship of the Chinese manufacturer.

Too good to be true until one looks them data EXIF of the photography:

Camera: Canon EOS 5 d Mark III

Lens: EF70 – 200 mm f/2. 8 l IS II USM

Length focal: 135 mm

Exposure 1 / 800

F Number. f/4

ISO: 500

Camera: Canon

Flash: not used

Exposure Bias: – 1 EV

Canon EOS 5D

A Canon 5 d Mk.III dollars in Amazon 2,600 and EF70-200 f/2.8 l IS II USM lens reaches the $ 1,900. In joint we are speaking of a Chamber of 4,500 dollars. The text accompanying the entry in Google + at any time referred explicitly to which the image was captured with the P9, although in the game of words could drop that you could believe that Huawei P9 actually takes photos of such quality. The text is this:

We have come to take a beautiful Sunrise with Deliciously. The #HuaweiP9 dual Leica cameras get to take photos in low light conditions is a pleasure. Reinvent the photograph from a smartphone and share your images of the dawn. #OO

In no time, Huawei said P9 took the photo directly. What it wanted to associate is the performance of the camera dual Leica of the P9, and is here where enters the pure marketing to confused to the user and do you create them virtues and benefits of an element of a product that want to sell. Yesterday same to the afternoon Huawei said:

Noted that an image posted on one of our channels of social media it was not actually shot with a Huawei P9. The image, which was professionally taken while he is was filming an advertisement for Huawei P9, was shared to inspire our community. We recognize that we should have left things clear in relation to this image. It was not our intention to confuse. We ask forgiveness and we have withdrawn the image.

Surely that Huawei does not need any of this to sell its smartphones, wishing perhaps approaching in sales to Apple and Samsung, but such is their strength for years with a good momentum in years will get increasingly make more people want their phones. What is not acceptable is that way of confusing, so hopefully learn and do not take more photos with cameras for $ 4,500.

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