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Huawei Tizen looks to its next smartwatches


Android Wear is a modified version of Android designed specifically for the smartwatches. The only thing that happens is that it has been a bit neglected or left side before that market of smartwatches that seems doomed to have it difficult in sales. And is that even Apple with his Watch, although has sold something, not has alleged that success that would allow continue betting by this type of devices. I don’t know if we have been accustomed to looking at the time with our smartphone or some us makes heavy to remove us all day watch to charge it; the easiest is that we forget to put it back and stay at the bedside of our bedroom.

Now we have a news that is related with it said, since seems that Google would be losing another partner in the market of wearables. According to a source related to Samsung, Huawei would be in the process of developing a new smartwatch, although this time it is with Android Wear, but with Tizen, OS from Samsung which has relegated for much of this type of smart watches. Said this, there is that meditate on them statements of these two manufacturers when, in this same year, warned that sought new ways to not depend on both of Android; look in days the launch of the Pixel, and can understand your “anger”.

A Huawei with Tizen leaving of side to Wear

The relationship between Huawei and Google is well close and the first has been capable of throwing one of them best Nexus, the 6 p. Also is the third largest seller of smartphones of the planet and this is must thanks to Android, by what them two is have led quite well by clearly the interest. But this relationship, perhaps could break it.


The curious case of Tizen, is that Samsung has it in property and is not the only company that works. Huawei is one of the first members of the Association Tizen, which included Intel, LG and Panasonic , to name only a few. That Yes, Samsung is which has empowered Tizen thanks to the launch of its smartwatches, bracelets of activity and even televisions and smartphonhes.

The reasons for this?

From the source of the news means that Google has not worked enough with Huawei to help personalize the experience and interface for Android Wear. To the reverse that in the smartphones and tablets, Wear offers a standard quite different to them smartwatches, by what in it only that can differentiate is of the competition is in the own design.


If we are going beside Tizen, Samsung has had some results positive with Tizen, though not has arrived to it retrieved by Apple with the Watch. The only thing that the Korean manufacturer has been able to customize their Gear S2 and S3 to add certain advantages. LG it tried with their own webOS in the Watch Urbane, but returned to Wear. So we stayed with a Huawei that is sees impeded by the narrowness in the control on Wear.

But back to what was said, we are talking about a Samsung and Huawei, found on the podium of those who sell more, who complained throughout the year by the pursuit of an own SO to not rely on both Android. This movement is must to know before us, that Google was devising the launch of them Pixel, two phones of own brand that is distance of them Nexus and that you will take to design their own smartphones, so, before which is les comes, begin with them locks and with them grudgingly. See where just everything in one or two years.

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