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Huawei Watch 2 will arrive next month with support to mobile networks

Huawei Watch 2

Android Wear 2.0 would be about to be presented at the beginning of the following month of February. A new update that will bring significant new features to the operating system modified to wearables that still has to have greater worth so that more manufacturers launch connected wearables.

Huawei is the launch of a new connected wearable or intelligent clock which will replace Huawei Watch those brands that already have behind the scenes. Huawei Watch 2 would be ready to be released as we know today itself and would be at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona for the month of February.

Of the information received, the most interesting is that one of the models will have capacity for data connection without having to put in WiFi or paired smartphone, by which you can take advantage of the functionality that has independently update Android Wear 2.0.

This means that Huawei Watch 2 you can make phone calls, although apart from this, do not know more, so I shall wait for more information to be able to compose better what will be the new watch intelligent Chinese manufacturer that continues to give very strong to go a little scratching passes from market share to Samsung and Apple, the two having ahead as more smartphones manufacturers sold.

Finally, we stayed with it curiosity of if Huawei will be capable of reduce the thickness of its imminent clock and if this will keep the panel covered of Sapphire of the original Huawei Watch. A small hope opens with Android 2.0 Wear and high capacity which has to design huge quality devices.

Google is expected to publish Android Wear 2.0 on February 9, and would be in the same event when he could make his debut to the two smartwatches manufactured by LG in the Association who have for a long time; LG G6 could even have Google Assistant.

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