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Hugo Barra becomes part of Facebook as head of Oculus VR

Hugo Barra

This past Monday we met that Hugo Barra left his post at Xiaomi for a subject related to your health and being away from home. He is supposed to get used to a new culture and a country is not easy and we are not all made to be able to withstand certain habits that we never acostumbraríamos. Although for some people being away from his people, it affects you too.

On leaving his post at Xiaomi, remained in doubt where again Hugo Barra, thinking even to Google would receive you with open arms. But now when we know that it becomes part of Facebook template, more specifically in the Oculus VR head on Facebook to everyone’s surprise.

We knew that Hugo Barra was in Google both Vice President and spokesman for the product. He was one of the more Googlers more talent and more personality from the Google team. It was commissioned to take the stage in several keynote of Google I/O and it was really a sad disappear from the big G. We saw these skills on stage last year in the MWC 2016 when he presented the Xiaomi Mi5 introducing features like no one else.

The objective for which it was engaged in Xiaomi was supposed to take the company into new markets with U.S. coma Odyssey to comply. Anyway, arriving in United States is complied with even in Xiaomi.

Bar to enter Facebook announcement comes from the same founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg who published in his own timeline. A virtual reality selfie is the best thing that could offer Mark having bar in China still. When landfall, Hugo will start its operations in Oculus to get his hands to the virtual reality platform.

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