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I came close finally its doors this month although with new app


In the month of October of the year last we stayed a little rare to the know that came, the popular platform of videos with a limit of six seconds, was to close to the announce it. A service that is served of those clips of video of just seconds to demonstrate that there is another form of conform apps and platforms based in a limit accurate, as occurs with the own limit of characters of Twitter.

The company recently said that it would offer support to the creation of these videos with a new camera app. FAQ questions and answers of Vine official website confirms that the app will be available on January 17, at the same time that the community was finally closed.

Anyway, you will be able to explore the videos I came on the site, although they will be converted into a file of clips. It really important of the news is that the app came Camera you will allow share your creations in Twitter, where them videos that are lower to them 6.5 seconds in extension is played of form infinite, as happens with them GIFs animated.

Them users came will have until the 17 of January for download the files from them apps of Android and iOS (here have another form of do it). Also is can take from the web site, through a file HTML that contains the catch, as can be them comments, counters and revines, so is will lose little by the road.

Of this form Twitter tries to alleviate the damage made to a community that had relegated in her to launch content of high quality and in which many users had committed. He spend it to Twitter of this way, through the new app and that is play of form infinite, is a form rare of trying to cover holes, when the damage real already is made.

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