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In your old smartphone soon won’t work WhatsApp


There are those who do not need excuses to renew your smartphone. But also them there that don’t feel the need of change of phone. People who comply with their phone just to work. Without importing them the design, or the latest news of the sector, live quiet with a smartphone functional.

But this can change in the year that is punto’s reach. Own courier company officially announced that it would no longer support certain older versions of Android. It seems, therefore, that it is high time to bid farewell to that phone with solera.

Does sense a smartphone without WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has achieved the dream of any App. It has become indispensable. The quintessential messaging application today is the first choice to communicate via smartphone. And it is inconceivable to use a smartphone that does not have this application.

Is therefore a good opportunity to think in renewing that smartphone “relic” that both have used. If you thought that your old smartphone not would die never, your hour is about. Although it continues to meet your needs almost as the first day, you will soon be obsolete. And that best date that the Christmas to have a “need”.

But why that WhatsApp abandon smartphones for the elderly?. The causes are logical. WhatsApp aims to implement your App with new features that these phones do not endure. Smartphones that today are solvents very soon leave of being it. Functions as the thanks not would be possible in phones with a single camera.

The versions of operating systems that will not provide service there are several. In Android, Android 2.1 and 2.2 phones will no longer be compatible. Windows Phone 7 nor will soon have the property of Facebook application. And in Apple’s system 6 and previous iOS version which will be unsupported for WhatsApp. Really it seems no insanity since all operating systems that will be outside have several subsequent updates.

Even having been a decision criticized can understand the position of WhatsApp. They claim that is the offer an optimal and comprehensive service to all users application. Something that would not be possible if you allow the use of the application to telephones that do not have the appropriate technology. So if everything is due to an improvement of the welcome service is.

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