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Increased the revenue of Samsung in the fourth quarter of 2016, even with the recall of the Note 7


Yesterday I said that surely some manufacturers have had to be checked as millions of users having no Galaxy Note 7 for purchase, have preferred to wait for Korean manufacturer to update the series with Note 8. It is something to stress and to take into account, or with mobile phones exploding in the hands of the users, they prefer other brands such as Apple or Huawei.

It was even on sales that has not been injured a Samsung which even had good reports for the last quarter of the year. has been today same when it has reported that has had a benefit operating of 7,930 million of $ for that last quarter. Those numbers are frankly older that it retrieved previously, for even those benefits increase in a 50% compared to the same period of makes a year.

In fact, the last quarter has been the quarter of higher profits for Samsung in three years. Revenues for the quarter were $ 45,800 million, what is a figure flat compared to last year, and again a little higher than the previous. With regard to the mobile division, Samsung has indicated that earnings increased compared to the same period of last year, thanks to sales of the S7 Galaxy and Galaxy S7 edge, apart from the high profits of its range of low-end devices and media.

Yesterday we knew the outcome of investigations into Galaxy Note 7 explosions, due to problems with the batteries, so it will implement a process 8-step check to make sure that you do not become to produce. It will even launch the Galaxy Note 8, as yesterday said Dj Koh.

Expected the S8 Galaxy to be launched sometime in the month of April, since this year will not be present Samsung at MWC as it had been doing.

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