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Instagram test with the multi-fotos version 10.7.0 albums


Instagram is that is comes out almost of the map due to them large efforts that is putting to put land of by half before Snapchat and another type of services against which competes. I already gathered in this video the best additions of the last year of this great social network. And now is when they are betting on more interesting news.

Instagram 10.7.0 version appears rather well sheltered from the outside looks, and that would be the ability to show multiple photos in a single post to the Facebook. Surely you’ve seen this feature for advertisers on the timeline, but if the tests go well, it seems that any user would be able to use them well soon.

A functionality that, in the time that was available to all be live in the planet that know use a device mobile, would allow Select to 10 photos of your gallery, apply different filters to each photo that is select and thus load them finally to an album in your wall or timeline, as want call it.


From the perspective of the follower, he would see the photo album and could slip through multiple images to make it to the I like it with two short presses. Something similar already occurs with the Instagram Stories (here you can learn how you create one) press once to go among those who have created some of which we.

At the present time, while you can select photos that can be placed in an album, the images are not published on the timeline. Of time, this feature not works as would like to one, but is likely that is put for some users and can begin with them tests so finally we arrive to all them users.

You always have to be attentive to the Google Play Store updates, since you can take with you that you have this functionality and can you use it for a few days before your friends or contacts.

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