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Instagram will allow soon the pinch-to-zoom to the pictures and videos


Instagram, of be a service concrete in photographs with a format square, that you earned this as signal of identity, has last to another type of app since outside bought by Facebook to integrate all type of features to get finally to focus is also in the video. It is the video one of the cornerstones of many services and apps, so it was not surprising that he take on this slope.

It is now when it has announced will be the pinch-to-zoom and pinch on screen to zoom in photos and videos to so appreciate all the details if we so wish. It only that occurs that this feature already is available for iOS and soon will be available on Android for the next weeks. A date for the arrival that could be the next week or a few more.

It curious of this news is that that zoom is going to do about images that are charged in Instagram to a resolution of 1080, so, unless not rise the resolution of them photos that are charged, really not will offer much benefit to them users. It only that, if are used to make this gesture in others apps of images, now not you will be as saying that in Instagram not works, since you can appreciate those details that want if do the gesture.

Instagram Photo

Although where we made more difficult to understand the zoom is in the videos, since being in a low-quality resolution, such as 640 x 480, zoom in a video that is slightly out of focus, it can become an experience for anything desirable. What does open the door to allow Instagram load images and videos with a higher resolution so that this feature is more interesting use.

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