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Is filtered out the specifications and renderings of the Xiaomi my Note 2

Mi Note 2

Have known them specifications of the Xiaomi my Note 2 in any occasion that another, but now have another filtration that brings get each an of them to confirm again them components of one of them terminals more interesting of all the year, especially for those that arrive from China and that have to thousands of users waiting for their releases.

In the image filtered is can see to the device with the interface base of Android 7.0 Nougat and what would be the layer personalized in the version MIUI According to the new image or screenshot, the device would be equipped with a chip Snapdragon 820 at a clock speed of 2.15 GHz. It is also suggested that one of the variants would have 6 GB of RAM and a 64 GB internal memory.

We can also start thinking that a 128 GB Edition would be arriving, although those 64 GB, as it picks up the image, remain at 52,28 GB available for user. We have also had lucky to meet a few renderings that have come in these days that show what is the Note 2, although they must catch them with tweezers.

Note 2

While there is a leak that indicates that resolution for screen 5, 5″ would be QuadHD, another leaves us in the Full HD (1080 x 1920) that looks like the more chord which usually use Xiaomi on their devices. Also another of the rumors that were appearing put us to a smartphone with 821 Snapdragon chip, although the latest news leading to the 820. The 821 is a definition of the 820 in terms of energy efficiency, such as we see in this entry.

Note 2

In those images render you can define what is the edge dual curved screen, rear cameras and USB port type-c. For the rest of the specifications we will leave for another entry on these following days.

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