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Is filtered several details of the Samsung Galaxy S8, would finally be presented in time?

samsung galaxy s8

Is curious the world of the leaks. Yesterday same the prestigious newspaper WSJ published an article informing that the research that is taking Samsung to out for discover the motive by which them Galaxy Note 7 exploit would lead to a delay of two weeks in the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S8.  

Now a Weibo user, with enough credibility since before it had leaked information correct, has published a message that shows some technical characteristics of the next ship logo of the family Galaxy S, while confirming that the endsl will be presented on February 26, within the framework of l Mobile World Congress, in addition to affirming that in March it will already be available.

These might be the technical features of the Samsung Galaxy S8

galaxy s8

Them features technical of the Samsung Galaxy S8 not are no secret: is logical assume that will be with the best processor of the company, by what not you will surprise see that in principle be mounted a Samsung Exynos 8895 manufactured through a process of 10nm, besides have a version that will work with the future SoC star of Qualcomm, the expected Snapdragon 830.

As in versions previous hopen two models of the Galaxy S8, one with a screen conventional and another model with a double panel curved. The first novelty comes with this section since it seems that the next member of the Galaxy S family will feature a panel of 5.5 inches to reached a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (4 K).


Ojo, we are talking about a display that will feature a pixel density that rub the 802ppp by which in principle by using virtual reality goggles already not would appreciate pixels on the phone. A fact to keep in mind.

Otherwise there is little novelty, is expected to be between 6 and 8 GB of RAM, although seeing the latest phones from manufacturer, personally I bet more to a terminal with 6 GB of RAM.

As always for now are nothing more than speculation, but Samsung needed a breather and this filtering, confirming that is not delayed the launch of the S8 Galaxy and that it will remain a very powerful terminal, is a breath of fresh air for a company that needs to regain the trust of many customers,

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