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Is it justified a price of 1000 euros for a smartphone?

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We are seeing on a daily basis as the technology evolves at a rate of dizziness. There are no week in which we know anything new or launch of smartphones. And these are increasingly more complete and equipped. All manufacturers struggling to get a piece of the pie. And they use to do this all available weapons.

Clearly smartphones have improved substantially since they came to our lives. Each new model coming to market is more and better equipped than the previous. Technology that incorporate is increasingly better and more advanced. But Unfortunately for the users that ends up taking a toll, to increase their prices.

Is there a ceiling for the price of smartphones?

We often ask ourselves up to where they are going to get a mobile phone prices. While it is true they are calls from high-end, as usual, those who have higher prices. Also we are witnessing a rise in the price of the so-called middle range.

It must be recognized that the middle range is becoming more powerful and competitive. And that every time they approach more in terms of benefits to the most cutting-edge phones. But their prices are also starting to skyrocket. Then doubts about if compensates for a small development at the expense of a significant price rise.

We all want to have the latest in mobile technology in our pocket. And of course, without spending a fortune. But it seems that lately the prices are rising out of control. In this way is not uncommon to find terminals of brands considered “of second” that the six hundred euros to be easily close.

At the expense of soon meet the anticipated new model from Samsung, the Galaxy S8, we can already get an idea of your price. As we know it will be next to the thousand to five hundred euros. Also we know only too well the iPhone prices. Depending on the model and storage capacity price even surpasses the thousand euros.

Do you think that it is worth such a difference?

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Although is assumed that smartphones more expensive are the best, this does not always is true. At least not a letter. I.e., there is on the market numerous models of smartphones that at a price which is sometimes half, plant your face your to any “top”.

As we have said on some occasion, practidamente all smartphones are capable of performing the same tasks. Therefore, for example, a modest Motorola’s low-end, can do everything that makes a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. And almost in its majority, both have the same characteristics.

It is clear that there are major differences, there is no doubt. The power of processors each. The quality or resolution of their screens, as well as the size. The finish or design in according to which materials, plastic or aluminium. Storage capacity. The megapixel of the camera. Assumes that in all, the most expensive is better than the less expensive. But both have the same.

But to find the real price difference must study the characteristics of the Terminal one by one. Not a sanapdragon than a previous model 625 processor costs the same. Not a chassis has the same cost with edges in aluminum or steel adonizado than a plastic finish. And it costs nor equal to count with the latest processors or panels.

You do not need to spend as much to have a good smartphone.

For this reason, when we intend to buy a mobile phone that is the very best on the market, we don’t have why spend more than it has. The advertising campaigns of the major companies are at times unstoppable. And it is virtually impossible to not know the new models that bombard us constantly in ads.

So if you’re thinking about jump through a terminal that has the most cutting-edge innovations do not seek always among the most famous brands. Apple and Samsung offer really interesting devices and whose quality is unquestionable. But there are emerging brands that today offer us terminals with very little to envy them, and even more competitive price.

If your intention is to have the most exclusive smartphone do not hesitate. There are several options that are available for this purpose. Even more expensive phones have versions of the limited edition, of course at an even higher price. Gold-plated, or customized by some important designer phones. But if you just want a competent smartphone you do not fall into temptation.

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