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It falls squarely in the hypnotic Liner Break from Ketchapp Games

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When one is is playing a split completely concentrated in the screen and, suddenly, all what there is around is blurs for pass to second flat, that game has been capable of touch it key adequate in some aspect. Whether in graphic, game mechanics or the set of details, those moments that makes us enjoy are almost unique. There are enough games over these past decades that we have plunged into their experience to make us since it and this is why we are always looking for new titles to bring us something new what it seems it’s all invented.

But not is so, since there are titles as Break Liner, that are capable of hypnotize us to be attentive before those lines that van coloring is of three colors different so our ship them can cross of form direct and can continue that travel towards up in what usually call as endless runner. He new game that has published Ketchapp Games this same week is could summarize in it hypnotic that can get to be go drawing mentally the trajectory of the ship that has of cross that line to follow scoring. A great atmosphere that is created in this game and very aided by a music which know for raising tension and volume in well specific moments.

Hypnotized while a game is played

Not is that want be all the time away of the reality to the be looking for games that us hipnoticen, because if out so, that reality virtual that is looks by the horizon in the form of HTC lives, surely would be best that or it reviewed, since could lose the reasoning to the find us with two realities well different when us put or remove them “glasses” of that wonderful product devised by Valve in association with the company Taiwanese.

Break Liner

Break Liner get something similar, but without the virtuad reality you use, and only with the simplicity of the gameplay mechanics, the minimalist visual aspect to the Art Déco and compelling music that continues to rise in compass to show the more more peak moments of the game. It is this the great virtue of this game published by Ketchapp Games, which joins many others of this study recently bought by one of the greats: Ubisoft.

Helping to the rocket to it Art Deco

Typography used in this game, more the way that craft curve that seems rather vouchsafed in the mind of Julio Verne, gives the final blow needed to become a game of great quality and strange opinions.

Simply have to click at the right time to get the path from one side to the other of the ship it can cross the centerline that you are painting three colors: white, black and red. He white is by which there are that cross, the black is a wall impassable that not us annihilates, but if you give, is will transform in red, that in the time that us collide against it, will be the end of the split.

Break Liner

We go getting more point as we go spinning with the ship through those white lines to be able to get in, in following games, another type of ships that add more content to a game that simply hypnotising you.

Got you for free from the Google Store Play, with obvious micropayments missing here nor for the occasion.

Quality technical

Break Liner

Break Liner is worth of a successful and exquisite art in it visual, a band sound catchy, that grants of great atmosphere to each an of them split, and a mechanical of game soft and that yields of form excellent. A well created game.

Opinion of the editor


  • Is hypnotic
  • Its visual style to the Art Déco


  • I have to return to reality

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