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It filters the first render of the LG G6 that shows a design known


Of the LG G6 is expected that at least have a little more than battery that the LG G5, especially by a simple reason and is that have a smartphone with a great camera, gets that it use much more or that you come desire to of remove more photos that with another phone that perhaps not is so appealing the use it. It is here where the G5 limped fairly and in it where we hope that LG is attentive to return us a G6 that meets basic requirements.

Being so close to 2016, now we are almost eager to know the evolution of the various ships badges that will be coming over the next year. Of the Galaxy S8 go knowing each time more, but is now when LG wants to be part of that elapse of news to is increase them expectations by a phone that could give a good hit on the table if has a battery more than acceptable. We now have renders that indicate the great similarity in design with the G5.

As you can check with the render filtered, the design of the G6 is very similar to the G5. A fingerprint sensor and dual cameras are positioned in the same space in the rear of the ends. You have the same profile as the LG V20, and although the design of the G5, not fell in love with, nor is it to be ugly, but rather different.

Now us is by see if LG will be capable of stay is with the design modular of the G5, or finally it will leave of side to focus is in get a smartphone more full. Would be more appealing that occurred it last said, since the G5 with a great autonomy had been another smartphone different, since the company Korean used that small “lack” as an excuse for some users access to the purchase of the module of battery.

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