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January 7 OnePlus will open its first physical store ‘experience’ in the India


2016 has been a great year for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T since has received the applause both from the media as the community Android. Chinese smartphone maker sees India as one of the markets where it has having a large presence since it is one of the largest and most currently growing worldwide.

OnePlus has just announced that it will open its first store ‘experience’ in India this week. Precisely, it will be on January 7, when you open the door the first official store. The news has been revealed by the own OnePlus from your account in Twitter. Will be Bangalore the place that welcome to the shop.

To celebrate the opening of the first store of OnePlus, the company has launched a contest that will give away three passes to OnePlus All Access to three fans and that will allow them to be a time with co-founders Carl Pei, apart from what will be receive merchandising and Pete Lau.

Hello India. Our first OnePlus Experience Store is opening soon and you should drop by!

-India OnePlus (@OnePlus_IN) January 2, 2017

Those customers will be capable of acquire from the shop to the OnePlus 3T 64 GB and it version of 128 GB in color “Gunmetal” and to the OnePlus 3T 64 GB in gold clear, apart from others devices of OnepPlus in offer for that day. Currently, OnePlus sells exclusively via Amazon, so the opening of the store will allow them to have another alternative to sell their terminals.

“This way, OnePlus Xiaomi will join that open up to 100 stores ‘ experience” in the country to help its customers manage their terminals. Although the difference with the OnePlus, is that they will be not sold units in them; but do they have more goals.

A surprise for a company that started slowly and which, thanks to their decisions, well taken, without any failure by the way, is taking another line to even show “fitness”. Even on December 31 he announced the arrival of Nougat.

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