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JDI Announces ‘Full Active Flex’ plastic folding screens LCD


Displays OLED are that are going to take part in the limelight for years to be included also in the next iPhone 8 and a variety of mobile devices. They are that open new paths with new products that will rely on the flexible to offer other sensations users eager for new ways to understand the technology.

Flexible panels have appeared in various technology fairs in recent years, although it is still to see any product to make real use of them in order to have a foldable tablet that develops on a smartphone. JDI has just announced that it has a new technology of LCD display that is flexible and resistant to breaking.

Of time, this new technology is in way of arriving to destination in less than what could think. Screen designed by JDI is 5.5 inches in size and has a resolution of 1080 p. It is not exactly your specifications with which one may be surprised, but yes for the other properties of the screen making it well special.

Full Active Flex uses a plastic substrate for both sides of the liquid crystal layer. In the absence of Crystal, the screen is resistant to the damage, so it does not break as if it may happen with which we are accustomed to dealing daily. If there is something like that, it could be the Motorola Shatter Shield material getting some scratches from appearing.

JDI has made it very clear that the screens are characterized by an on-screen full 60 Hzrefresh rate, but can reach as low as the 15 Hz figures to save energy if required. Production of flexible displays is expected to begin in 2018, so we could have the competitor of the screens OLED flexible.

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