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Join the Caterpillar Bob in the adventure fun and full of action that proposes Caterzillar

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Noodlecake Studio has two titles this year who are really two small gems, High Adventure completo and Chameleon Run. Two video games that have gone through the list of the 15 best video games of the first half of the year that launched days ago and shows evidence of the high quality that tends to impose this study in each one of the games that launches the Google Play Store. Video games in which the graphic quality is a step forward that others also well popular and that show us how the gaming on Android is changing to strong words.

While we hope that Super Stickman Golf 3 arrives in the month of July, we have another little gem with Caterzillar. A collaboration between Noodlecake Studios and PixelZapp. A video game puzzle of great quality visual in which should explore worlds own with the Caterpillar Bob that you proposes big adventures and much action everywhere. You’ll have to help the Caterpillar to rescue the Princess and defeat the evil insects that destroyed his world. A game in which the gravity has its importance and what is know to adhere to surfaces. Another game of this study in that wave of excellent titles that are putting it is difficult to rest.

A game created by a single developer

Noodlecake Studios usually publish games of high-quality indie developers who have the great idea and work, but they need an editor to be responsible for the marketing and to reach thousands of players. PixelZapp is the small study of this developer who brings us to Caterzillar. A video game which was released not long ago in iOS and that is now available on the Google Play Store for a one-time payment.


Caterzillar you play as Bob, a worm with a great appetite. What happens is that when your love has been hijacked by some evil insects, gets angry very much intends to rescue his Princess, so you will have to pass through a dangerous world. Caterzillar relies on gravity with virtue to adhere to most surfaces that are in top, bottom or whatever it is in the middle. With this gameplay you meterás you fully into a great fun game experience.

Party platforms, part puzzle

Caterpillar has a wide variety of challenges to be conquered for after be completed we can rescue the Princess. Bob Caterpillar will be well busy eating fruit, pulling enemies platforms and jumping to the next surface to move forward. The Caterpillar is the main protagonist for a platform that discovers calmly, which also gets us go by hooking irretrievably.


We also find certain elements in the environment that Bob should be able to activate, which will allow you to teleport from one place to another and change as the world is affected by gravity. It is this same one of the details that differ it from other games and who plays a large role to offer another gameplay.

Have for you with Caterzillar to four chapters designed of form conscientious, 32 levels designed hand, fights epic against chiefs late and a design in the characters and environments worthy of mention. €3,19 you will have all of its contents by a single payment for a video game in which platforms and puzzles mixed in a magnificent way.

Technical quality


Noodlecake Studios returns to play a great role to know how to choose a video game to be published with a high technical quality, exquisite graphics and a gameplay that hooked from the beginning. It is of those games that is worth paying to have great content with which to enjoy for quite a few hours. Essential for the lovers of the puzzles and the platforms.

Opinion of the editor


  • The design of characters and levels
  • The effect of gravity
  • High level in the technical development


  • Nothing

Download application

Download: Caterzillar (€3,19*, Google Play) →

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