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July 13 is the date of premiere in Spain for YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

Two years ago Chris Lacy, the developer of Link Bubble or Action Launcher, it brought us a great idea like app to have full control over the content that could play an application devised for the kids of the House. Hometube was that application and a great alternative while we were expecting that at some point he alighted YouTube Kids in our country.

That time has arrived and for the 13 of July will have to YouTube Kids fully working in Spain to the delight of them more kids and large of the House. Its advantages include a simplified interface and that will serve so that children can benefit from channels specifically available to them and thus can access a great multimedia content, which is the center of this service.

YouTube Kids diversifies its content in preschool and school. It also has some good interesting options such as timer use, languages and subtitles. To the be before a service that will be controlled by the parents, these may configure a password for so retouch them settings that see necessary for their children.

YouTube Kids

And it is that we are talking about an own application that will offer access to specific multimedia content for the kids such as Sesame, Pepag Pig or Pocoyo. There is also the alternative of access to other types of content, but always with the premise intended for children.

An application that can be used with Chromecast make streaming its content on a larger screen such as our own that we have in the living room. A very interesting initiative of YouTube that follows the launch of the same in countries as United States or Mexico and that is provide to be one of them services that more can use your children when are in house for access to great content audiovisual.

Download: YouTube Kids (Free, Google Play) →

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