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Jump stairs without stopping in this addictive game called Go Up, what’s new in Ketchapp

Ketchapp Games us is struggling badly with its casual games that are able to engage us with the target position to achieve the maximum possible score. Each of their games are real addiction and if makes it days surprised us with another great novelty with which vitiate this summer called Steps, now have another ready prepared so that comes out of the oven and offer that food in the form of casual game good. It seems that the guys from Ketchapp Games have many ideas, and this translates into casual betting with varied shapes and gameplays that are capable of engaging any person of any age.

Now bring us Go Up, a casual game with obvious grand bargain in the visual and which is based on the simplicity of its gameplay or gameplay to engage us inevitably to the. Also Ketchapp tends to use a successful physical object that manages to put nervous the user like giving wings to him who manages to dominate it as sufficiently well to get these items will become full fun. Go Up puts us in the position which means go jumping stairs that have successively so that it becomes complicated combine hops of the ball that may not stumble at any time, since otherwise it will start the game.

Jump with the ball

Go Up begins with a tutorial that approaches us to the gameplay of the game that really it’s nothing complicated, although the truth that is good to know that waiting for us with the ball that you should be able to overcome all those endless stairs that appear one after another.

Go Up

We already started the real game and we are facing the ball and that leap that we will have to study well to use it at the right time so the ball can jump one ladder behind other. And what seemed like a game mechanic that we were going to dominate the first change, it becomes a game that is capable of despair by the skill that must have to achieve improved scores. It is that in which there is to know well, press jump to make in the following you find the proper distance for not tripping over the edge of the stairs.

A simple gameplay, but that it is difficult

These are the typical games in which it seems that it is put to test one to see if it is really made for this video game. After years addiction to all kinds of games, you find that the ball it is not easy to master it and have to go repeating again and again until we know dominate hop and game mechanics.

Go Up

Like other games in the style, we can go to unlocking new customizations, a detail that does not pass through high Ketchapp as well as other studies of video games. It is that if it were not so, for mechanics self not engages you need, so it is vital that they do not forget the ability to unlock objects.

Ketchapp has awarded to Go Up the same visual style that we have seen in other games of the same study. A visual style that causes that each game has a main color so that it changes something those levels to which we will be confronted. It free from the Play Store with a permanent advertising that is located at the bottom. If you want to remove it, you will have to go through to disburse €1,99 cash.

Technical quality

Go Up

A video game well basic in graphics and environments, the visual style is seen in other titles and puts us in a great finish here. The physics of jumping is very well achieved and produces the necessary effect so you have to start a game after another.

Opinion of the editor


  • Original
  • Good quality in the visual


  • Permanent advertising

Download application

Download: Go Up (Free*, Google Play) →

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