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Ketchapp Games passed into the hands of Ubisoft


Of Ketchapp Games each week have a new video game casual that passes by our pages to speak of its virtues and benefits. Tend to be many them praises each one of them games that fall in the Google Play Store from Ketchapp, by what was something logical that some of them “great” is set in the increase exponential in popularity of this small company, very wise in publish Super games.

Ubisoft is which did not want to miss a moment and has been done with the property of Ketchapp, so we have another one of those “little” suffering at the hands of the large. Supercell was purchased by Tecent makes three months by the amount of 9,000 million of dollars and of the buy of Ketchapp unknown it figure, but yes some details that has revealed it own Ubisoft by what regard to it acquisition.

Ketchapp is a publisher of games free casual that has released dozens of new titles that is have developed in success immediately. Games such as 2048, ZigZag, Stack, Stick Hero, Twist, Jelly Jump and many others, have been participants that shop games and apps of Android has better quality overall.

Ketchapp Games

A company that was created in 2014 and that their games have been downloads more than 700 million of times, with an average of more than 23 million of downloads by month. The company has also demonstrated its great potential in knowing promoted to both public.

Here Ubisoft has been working with the purchase of Ketchapp, since it is made with a small portion of the large cake which is now the Google Store Play in the gaming related. You can go to learn about all of these games that have passed through our lines: Crazy Circle, Ketchapp tennis, or Stony Road, more this entry that I picked up the 15 best games from this small company.

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