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Kubic is the bet of Ketchapp Games for a Tetris to the 3D or cubic

Tetris is and was one of them games more simple and more addictive of the history of the games. It was one of the first games that opened to all ages and conditions so not leave aside anyone. We can almost say that it is what has gotten Candy Crush Saga that has allowed that anyone of any age to catch in such a way that it seems a little boy who doesn’t want to drop the pacifier or candy. Tetris was served a simple mechanics and machines of video games that were normally installed in areas where more people came in on weekends. All a tremendous success that many have tried to replicate and that by here sometimes have last to show their ideas and betting.

Now is Ketchapp Games which is risks with a new iteration of what was Tetris to try to give you a return of nut with Kubik. Kubik retains part of the gameplay, although it has some good clear distinctions when one plays a game for the first time. Ketchapp Games returns to the load with another game casual that takes the great wake of Tetris for try that you hooves with its formula cubic that is vale of others forms or mechanical for devise a videogame that you called it attention in them first split. Another thing is that you stay and you hooks to the irretrievably as happened with the great Tetris that at the time was all a hit.

A Tetris to the cubic

Kubik drink from the source of inspiration that has been Tetris with that same look of different tiles formed by different cubes in a precise way. Upon falling the first tab with its special form, you can go by rotating the base where it will fall that tab. He game you will indicate in the part superior of them cubes where fall in concrete that tab, by what can go rotating it base to go thinking where is will be well installed. You can make gestures to left or right to rotate board game and with two quick keystrokes you can pull down the tab to leave it well still.


According to go placing them chips, these Iran completing them layers to so go disappearing and in no time be capable of get to the limit, since if happens this, can tell you goodbye to the split. It is thus that we face our what is the gameplay of Kubik, an original game and trying to draw attention by their strong resemblance to Tetris in one of its foundations. Here, what distinguishes him is that instead of moving the tabs, moves the base where will be placed, because it is the game itself that selects where will fall.

A return of nut to the Tetris

As in all the remaining games casual, Kubik has a bit of content so that it can unlock. They are simply 17 planets low-poly that will take you to another type of textures and environments, apart to allow you to feel that you have lot of play ahead.


A video game that is left wanting for a while and already depending on If it engaged you Tetris, so you keep playing you, since we often have the feeling of that latter triumphed by the panorama of the gaming in which arrived, which was almost very weak if compared today with an industry that goes beyond the cinema and music at benefits.

Kubik is available for free from the Google Play Store.

Technical quality


A game which has a good graphic level grade and served of gradients and a palette of colors striking to give a tone quality to this game. Their different environments put us before good challenges and a game that is based a little on minimalism.

Opinion of the editor


  • It is original
  • Great success in the visual


  • Tetris will always be Tetris

Download application

Download: Kubik (Free+, Google Play) →

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