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La Finta all those monsters that will get you in the fun and elegant Just Trap

Just Trap

There is the feint, which is a movement of deception that confuses the Defense making it lose its effectiveness and its position in basketball. When one begins to train in that sport, one of the most basic aspects you need to know to master a little is this form of play with the opposite when we have the ball in hand and seek to remove us from above with this special movement. We can find a legendary NBA players that played to know fintar like no one else, Michael Jordan is one of them. The interesting thing is that we have not found many games based on this technique of deception to create good fun games, although in this theme, we have this.

And is here where we move to find the installation free of a game not published in the Play Store and that is called Just Trap. Just Trap, apart from having to know fintar like nobody to escape these monsters, is a question of take them towards the most cursed trap to remove us off. An elegant and special game that has an almost exquisite graphic level treatment. Is a delight visual witness as them developers of this game, at least those that is dedicated to the design, have a great talent as can check in the time that pass to take ones split to this special and fun game with which it will spend of it cute during a good time.

The graphical elegance in a videogame

Although Just Trap is played from an overhead view, elegance in the Treaty graphic is more than evident. Have you been able to perfectly combine a drawn environment to the cartoon more what are some animations simply made to be enjoyed with our eyes. It is a game which must copy all that which conveys visually, and not only do it from the design, but the animate being, feels good that gives a vitality that emanates from the first batch that is cast.

Just Trap

A video-game indie presented by Windforce Games and Shimmer Studio in which the objective is to help the little girl to eliminate all sorts of monsters. For this you will need to know used as anyone that baloncestistica feint and slide down the screen edges are insurmountable walls. The control is very simple, because with our finger and base to carry him across the screen, we will be able to move the poor girl. This is, that, if it deslizáis well fast, can remove you of up to those brave monsters that come to a speed of fear by the girl.

The most diverse and funny monsters

But not everything is to overcome those monsters in all possible ways, but that you’ll have to take them to the traps that appear for a limited time. This means that will have that put you in it trajectory so go direct to the trap and so can remove you in the time just so, due to it run that bring, is fall by the hole of the trap or is electrifiquen with the fence electric.

Just Trap

According to go forward by them different levels will go unlocking new traps as can be it of pencils or the mentioned electrical. You have 50 levels to complete so that you can unlock the infinite play mode.

Soon to be customizations for the character, since, as I have said before, it is a game that is in phase beta and not published in its final version. This means also that can have bugs and certain glitches, but are going, for the time that I have played has gone very well.

It free from the Play Store with ingame advertising. By the way, well annoying to be present at the top.

Quality technical


Just Trap has a design graphic simply fascinating. I have said that the design of the characters, the colorful, animations and even sound with these well made effects, put us to a game that is a delight to play a simple game. A ten for creators.

Opinion of the editor


  • Its elegance in the graphics and animations
  • It engages much


  • If you have multiplayer would be perfect

Download application

Download: Just Trap (Unreleased) (+Free, Google Play) →

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