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Leaks of the specifications of the LG G6 could make your price $50

Esta podría ser la primera imagen oficial del LG G6These last days have been filtering a series of pictures and technical characteristics of the next flagship of LG, the LG G6. The latest reports spoke of a phone that will feature a completely new design and a sealed battery compartment, is expected have LG G6 IP68 certification which will endow it with resistance to dust and water.

On the other hand also know that it will most likely have a 5.7 screens inch that will reach a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels. But its price is not going to like so much. And that will be $ 50 more expensive than the model above. the reason? Its components.

The price of the LG G6 will exceed 700 euros


Sincerely by the fact that their components are best LG believes that can climb 50 euros the value of your phone does not mean that the end-user thinks the same. It seems LG says that those 50 euros for paying extra, because everywhere are $50, but we already know that the change will be 50 euros, for the simple fact that the device will be very convincing.

The truth is that it is a shame that go up every year the price of new generations of ships with the excuse that have better components. Taking into account the bump in sales has been LG with the G5, which I regard as unfair since it was a phone really well, now that you should never get the phone at a reasonable price to attract those customers who decided to opt for other brands, such as Huawei and Samsunga time update your phone. We’ll see if finally this rumor is true and the LG G6 happens to cost around 750 euros when you arrive at the market or if the company lifeline in your idea.

And you, do you think? do you think that taking into account the impressive features of LG G6 it is fair that it cost 750 euros?

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