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Leena Desktop is a launcher that takes you to your Android desktop experience

Leena Launcher

With Android Nougat have been commenting on several occasions the possibility that we can use the OS for devices from Google as if we were in front of one computer more like Windows or MacOS. It only that occurs that us have been to them doors of that this happened, because that capacity of windows free was rather a small hack made to the prior for developers of Android N. Anyway, it has opened us a door, when we cross it, we will get full before another mobile experience.

And is almost the same one who wants to offer Leena Desktop, a launcher that has as main idea that you connect a keyboard and a mouse, passes to a monitor or TV with a large screen, and you you dive into that most desktop experience that can provide your phone or Android tablet. This app causes with its multi-window desktop experience. What means that, although not do mirroring of the app in the TV, can have that same experience from your smartphone, it only that is recommended one that have a screen of higher dimensions for power have several windows or apps at the same time.

Your Android as a desktop computer

This app does not need neither ROOT privileges nor any special modification to work, they just have to install it so you can have a horizontal format with a set of shortcuts to the most important apps that you can possibly need. This means that you can write e-mails, browse the web from a greater display or perform other types of tasks that you need to be more productive.

Leena Launcher

The apps native that includes Leena Launcher are these:

  • A file Explorer
  • Browser web
  • A native app launcher apps
  • A video player through the file Explorer
  • An image viewer
  • Several web apps

Aside from having these apps, you can see as you have access to Facebook or YouTube, although these are web versions as we can have in a web browser.

The interface of Leena

Leena uses an interface mode desktop that is characterized by above what would be the time and date in the Center, and on the right side the battery indicator and different connections. In the Center is left so that you can move with all those open windows of different applications, so that at the bottom we have the toolbar with apps most important such as web browser, browser files, YouTube, Facebook, mode desktop/mobile and access the apps drawer.

Leena Launcher

This toolbar can be modified to add or place them as we come in wins. One of the virtues of this launcher is that, apart from to open several applications at the same time, you can open all the windows you want. In settings you have the option to change the size of the interface or turn the screen among many others.

Ultimately, Leena Desktop is an app that comes in handy for the tablets, by having a larger screen size, and for those moments in which we can serve our Android to transform your TV screen into a desktop version with all the features that we have highlighted. If you want that your baggage is light, if you have a keyboard and bluetooth mouse, with your own device Android will be worth you at family home you can connect to your TV screen and have a pleasant experience.

Leena is in beta, which means that you can find bugs and failures in performance. We will have that follow its development because promises much, especially in a time in which Android 7.0 Nougat offers mode multi-window.

Download: Leena Desktop UI (Multiwindow) (Free, Google Play) →

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