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Lenovo introduces Smart Assistant, a ‘Amazon Echo’ for $50

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo has announced a new Assistant virtual smart home to compete with Amazon Echo and Google Home. This is known as Lenovo Smart Assistant and has in its bowels or heart to the Amazon Alexa software that involves some similar in design, but with a lower price.

In this way we have another alternative to Google Home, have in their midst to Alexa, it’s practically an Amazon Echo in a sense, albeit at a lower price than the Amazon’s own. We know the hardware which is where Yes is partly indistinguishable.

The Smart Assistant comes with an Intel Celeron N3060 processor to a 10W woofer and a 5 Watt speaker for audio playback. The part top from the half of the device is in color silver, while the bottom has a design imitating to the fabric as material and that allows customize with different colors to this gadget for the home.

This gadget is compatible with the app Alexa and other so many smart home of third-party apps, but differs in what would be in the structure of its price if we put it next to Amazon Echo (which has recently been updated). Lenovo has also introduced two versions of Smart Assistant, a standard model which costs $129 and the version Harmon Kardon audio that delivers performance for the audio at a price of $179.

At the same time, Lenovo has announced a disk hard of 6 TB called the Smart Storage box. This device automatically performs back ups of mobile data allowing you to access them from any location and is characterized by facial recognition software to help identify people in the photos.

Smart Storage will be priced at $139 and will be sold at the same time as the Smart Assistant in the month of May.

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