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Lets know to your relatives that are well with contacts of confidence of Google

Contactos de confianza

Another objective of the big G is done with the market share of certain categories , which means that they are important and that they offer extra value to those phones that will be launching the next few years. The Pixel is about understands that they are those phones and Google keyboard, Google Now and many others, the apps that are leaving the competition some side with a number of qualities that reigns in its software.

If have known in the last weeks and months to Duo, to Allo or funds of screen, as new apps of Google (here have a few in video), now have to another that comes with the intention of that do know to your family and friends that you find well. And not only this, but may know they themselves where you’ll be and ask to your location if is are concerned. If by what outside, not respond to your request, your location is will share automatically with all them.

The safety first and foremost

Having a smartphone today means that you have a good amount of sensors providing some good interesting services to several apps. The geolocation is one of them and permits that can be located in all time with any application. Is by this that is can add a series of layers extras of security to our life if at some time the need. For example, we make a trip to a country that in any area we can be in danger by not providing all the security that Yes can offer a capital, and want to have an app that go throwing our location at all times in times of urgency.


Is the idea behind contacts of confidence, the new app of Google that you allows share your location with your friends or family in all those situations daily in which the emergencies can occur, even when the phone is offline or without connection.

How works contacts of confidence

Once install the app in your phone Android, you should allocate the State “of trust” to your friends and family. Your contacts of trust will be capable of see your activity of State, while you have moved recently and you are online, to know if are well. If all is well, they can deny that request. But if you are unable to of respond in a time reasonable, your location will be shared of form automatic and your relatives may determine the best form of get to you to help you. In all time you can share your location or change the contacts of “confidence”.

Contactos de Google

Google shows an example of the use of this app with Elliot and Thelma:

Elliot is heading for a walk on their own, and tells Thelma to be with her for a cup of coffee later. At the time, Elliot is given account that has been lost and have lost Internet service. When Elliot does not appear in the cafeteria, Thelma begins to worry about. Due to that trust works even if a phone is offlinecontacts, Thelma requests the location of Elliot and in five minutes you can see your last location in the middle of the Canyon. Thelma calls the nearest Ranger Station, and sent a rescue group to find Elliot in a few hours.

A clear example of applications that can be given to this app under certain circumstances. Never should verse as an app for the control of them others, but for moments in which want to have controlled to our children by what outside, or that could be in a time of urgency vital in which every 5 minutes is can share the location. It must always be active GPS.

Download: Contacts of confidence (Free, Google Play) →

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