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LG G5 does not reach the expectations given


When was the G5 LG presented at MWC was part of the attention with this modular design which raised expectations for a phone that you would eat the world. At least this is what made us think times and more if we have that Google has its Project Ara in the modular and more have been companies who see this aspect as something quite interesting to introduce new models. The only thing that happens is it seems that expectations in sales have not fulfilled as I wanted to own the LG when it launched the terminal.

According to The Korea Times, LG has replaced recently some of the executives in charge of the mobile division, which admits that the G5 has not come to the expectations of the company. Is it own LG which has declared openly that its ship logo has failed to the generate the sales expected, and of here them changes recent partly of the personal that is has charge of devise that G5 that captured the attention of many in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

If one regards the technical features of the LG G5, are really a great phone that the short duration of the battery can be blamed to him, but this supposedly would arrange to purchase the battery module to have it to the full list but who is really willing to pay an extra for a phone that should have a battery for the day? Seems that nobody, to the no comply with the expectations in sales.

Already here we have LG G5 analysis and commented giving a bit of rage the low battery of this phone and as not everyone would be willing to pay for that extra in the module. And is that LG has distributed 2.2 million smartphones G5 this quarter, what are 800,000 units less than the previous expectation of LG.

It is now when the Korean manufacturer hopes to return to have that “special time” to launch a huge quality phone. Almost could say that it have easy, a smartphone with it better that last to the day of long and that incorporates that great camera that it is complying with them expectations for any that have the G5.

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