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LG G6 could have glass in the rear for the Wireless charging


It seems that LG has arranged to launch all these features missing in the LG G5, a phone to bet more on the modular to leave you with some shortcomings that were precisely which obtained the major criticisms by the Android community.

As increasingly will know more features of LG G6, as the virtue of rid of modular, in a new leak from ETNews, that says that the new LG flagship will have glass in the rear, so it would be the first phone from the G series that would come with that feature in the design.

And it is not only just an added aesthetic to differentiate themselves from the previous G series phones, but that it would have more to do with the integration of the Wireless charging, since LG is the same that is reporting this type of load is made more difficult through a material like metal.

The inclusion of glass would also the Korean manufacturer to close completely the body of the terminal with sealed batteries, so that hopefully us not disappoint this time and bring a smartphone that perfectly pass of the day with a higher capacity battery that had LG G5.

Anyway, with regard to the LG G6 modular aspect, which at the moment seems removed from own equation of the phone, will have to wait for official news and the MWC which appears to show his new ship logo. A LG and Samsung, although not with as much urgency, you need to bring an Android mobile device that catch eyes and desires of the Android community, which still sees them and want to have one like that spectacular LG G2.

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