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LG G6, so your screen

LG surprised during the presentation of the G6 in the framework of the Mobile World Congress 2017 when submitting a handset with a display of 5.7 inches with 2 K resolution and without hardly side frames. During the presentation, the manufacturer stopped not talking Full Vision technology, one of the great strengths of the LG G6.

But what the Full Vision technology? will both affect the quality of the image? Seeing the comparison made between the LG G6 and the iPhone is 7 Plus Yes, to what I am going to explain what is this technology.

So does the Full Vision in the G6 LG technology

Ya tenemos LG G6 y la verdad es que está vez si que nos han sorprendido

Before we talk about this technology, I want to point out a very interesting detail and it is that the LG G6 is the first smartphone featuring a panel of 18:9. This format is slightly more elongated than the more conventional measures, what gets to show up to 11.6% more information.

Another of the highlights of this LG G6 is that the corners of the screen of the terminal have a special Assembly which gives the device of a great resistance against possible shocks or falls. On the same stand, they made us a test by dropping several times a G6 LG’s face without that it suffered any damage. Ojo, soil had carpeting, but it seems that the phone is very resistant.

On the other hand your panel Quad HD + has a resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 pixels and nothing more and nothing less than 564 ppp. And here is where enters the HDR technology as LG has chosen to equip its LG G6 of both.

LG G6 con Full Vision

I’m talking about technology HDR 10, available on phones like the reviled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 / 7 Plus iPhone. In the case of LG G6, in addition to the 10 HDR technology, the Korean manufacturer has worked hand in hand with Dolby to provide Dolby Vision technology phone.

In the case of HDR 10, say is an open format developed by the Consumer Technology Association, responsible for organizing the ESC inter alia, while Dolby Vision belongs to Dolby and has a cost of $3 per screen for the manufacturer that take advantage of its possibilities. And how you can expect, Dolby Vision is the technology that uses the screen of LG G6 to offer these as real colors.

The main difference between both technologies explained in a very simple way is that HDR 10 makes a fixed color representation, while the HDR Dolby Vision system is able to go to varying hues depending on the frame.

In this way, if a director wants to record a very dark scene and then use another plane full of life and color, in a device where technology HDR 10 the sharpness and clarity of the colours must not vary as much as the system HDR Dolby Vision.

The result achieved with the LG G6 is simply spectacular. The range of colors is impressive and the fact tones vary their saturation according to the reproduced scene invites you to enjoy multimedia contents for squeezing the possibilities of this phone.

LG is correct full to the bet on technology Full Vision, using both the 10 HDR and the Dolby Vision, to create one of the best displays on the market. Only now wait for it give us a test drive so we can see how it behaves this phone after intensive use.

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