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LG G6 will debut in late February, but no chip Snapdragon 835

Snapdragon 835

With the chip Snapdragon 835 there is a topic that will be putting of the neural to several manufacturers. Know that Qualcomm is associated with Samsung to manufacture this chip by its architecture, but it surprising is that “suddenly” that chip is has delayed in the phase of manufacturing to scale, what means that them brands that had thinking present their devices in February or March, would have that wait is, as you will play to Samsung.

We don’t know if it was a movement aposta favored by some of the participants of this plot of manufacturing, but some like LG have had to move and anticipate this problem of manufacturing scale of the Snapdragon 835 to pass completely of it and focus on the Snapdragon 821. We see where ends all this, since at the moment Samsung seems to have the exclusivity of the new high-end of Qualcomm chip.

This not is nothing new. The Snapdragon 820 last year it was exclusive Samsung so far that the S7 Galaxy reached the market. On the other hand, exclusivity may have its raison d ‘ être, since Samsung is making chips for Qualcomm, but does not seem a very clean game that all brands have to wait to that release for its new terminal.

This has led to the two companies to be under scrutiny by unfair business practices, so it would be a matter of time that began with litigation.

For now, LG has no choice that staying with the Snapdragon 821, a SoC that is not much distance of the 835 in terms of power in the calculation, although it will be in the efficiency where most certainly noticeable. The integration of Google Assistant surely that will be an of them options best in terms of software, to the be the first smartphone not Pixel that you have.

A smartphone’s which have seen supposedly their first image makes a while and that will have screen of 5.6 or 5, 7″ with resolution 2880 × 1440 with appearance of ratio 2:1.

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