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LG G6 would have a camera “all-in-one” which would include iris scanner

LG Iris

The modular of the LG G5 not been operated. It was a great idea that came to the heat of these modular phones that looked like that she was going to be a trend, but have been left in “projects” to something more real. We would have liked that the Korean company put more emphasis into modules or “friends”, but also gives us the feeling that the days of presentation of its flagship, were aware that did not have the expected impact.

But how we find ourselves in this endless marathon runner in which not is to launch new devices, LG has a new revalidation with the G6. A phone that we can assure that it will focus on having everything without modular, since at the moment there are several reports that have taken us this idea of the head. We now know that the G6 camera settings will be of the dual to “all-in-one” and that it will also include this mobile iris scanner.

LG G6 iris scanner serve as it occurs in the ill-fated Note 7 of Samsung, which is practically another method of authentication more. But where is will differ from the G6 will be in its manufacture and its size. And it is the majority of sensors of this type to coexist in the device in a way separated from what would be the front camera. The proposed of LG to with its G6 would be include it in a sensor “all in one” that uses the camera both to take spectacular photographs as for the scanning of the iris.

One of the advantages of using this format is phone for manufacturing cost reduction , which may be an adjustment in the price for the next ship logo from Korean manufacturer. A G6 which still has to confirm that its modular aspect will be better lives, so we stand expectant.

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