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LG Mobile publishes its worst financial results tremestrales


LG G5 surprised everyone when it came the Korean company with its modular aspect. A capability that was on par to other phones that have tried to move to the modular to show another way to compose a smartphone. What occurs is that to the aspect modular not is you has given the force enough so today could speak of that the manufacturer Korean has collected some figures positive in sales, just to the reverse it happened.

LG Mobile today posted its worst six-month data thanks to the modular G5 LG failure. The third quarter of 2016 represents the sixth followed losses to LG Mobile, even when TV division has obtained a benefit record.

LG Electronics announced semi-annual 11.800 billion dollars revenues and revenues from exploitation of 252,7 million dollars; This is a decrease of 5.7 percent and 3.7 percent respectively, when compared to that obtained last year.

LG Mobile sales have fallen in a 23 per cent from the same period in 2015, with the worst sales of premium devices associated with the corporate structure of improvement and innovation activities, contributing to a record losses of 389,4 million in those 2,300 million in revenue.

That Yes, LG has been able to distribute up to 13.5 million devices in the quarter and has seen its sales have grown in North America with a 14 per cent bought with the former. LG V20 could become a great value for the company at the end of year, apart of having sales of series K and X.

But thanks to sales of televisions, which LG Mobile can stay in fleet. LG Home Enternainment has registered its largest profit ever with 3,700 million in sales generated a profit of 340,4 million dollars.

And is that LG hopes that the fourth quarter of the year is worse that in the third, so that almost could say that they grip well to their armchairs LG executives.

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