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LG recorded names ‘G6 Compact’, ‘G6 Lite’ and more


When we are excited by the arrival of the new LG G6, which assumes that it will bring a different design, although this is due to a leak that was fake and which served as the logic which is that, at the exit of the modular aspect, the Korean company bet by another design language.

Now it is known that LG has filled in applications for trademarks for the names LG Compact G6, G6 Lite and other more. It is something that we not caught by surprise, since last year had a LG G5 Lite, although this was eventually named as LG G5 is.

What if that surprises is that LG has used the name Compact for another model, so we will have to see looking to take things when they start with leaks of that model, since it has a strong resemblance to first, with the G6 Lite; I say this with regard to their dimensions.

LG also behaved in launching the V32, a kind of V20 mini, though this was only as exclusive of Japan, so it does not count in their global availability. So it was was to bring the full potential of the flagship in a model that has other goals in the dimensions of the screen. The same Sony Xperia Z3 compact was a success in sales and capabilities to offer the user a smartphone that does not pass the 4.7-inch screen.

Other names that they have been registered are: G6 Hybrid, Fit G6, G6 Sense, G6 Young, Forte G6 and G6 Prix. These may not necessarily be phones, but it sound all as Friends of the LG G6. Nothing that is expected in the modular, but yes to a series of devices that join the ship logo on your journey throughout the year.

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