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LibreTorrent is a client open source and no perfect advertising for your Android


uTorrent is client par excellence for both PC and Android, but not get rid of own advertising and be loaded with some features that, if we could, we so result in removing a rubber to experience that which is in the old versions of desktop. Therefore, we see the need to find an alternative that free us from the publicity inherent to that excellent client for Android.

LibreTorrent is a new app that relies on two excellent qualities: open source and free advertising. So this application comes to avail themselves of the two major handicaps of the time uTorrent. It relies not only on these two exceptional qualities, but rather it comes complete features to become one of the best clients of torrent we have right now in the Android scene.

Its rather than qualities

The developers of this client not have dear leave is nothing in the Inkwell, e even offer a design well elegant to the base is in the language of design Material Design. It can be found on GitHub to be open source, allowing that any developer can get him to devise their own apps or add any modification to the creators themselves can serve it.


Having no advertising we are faced with one of the best on the market to download all sorts of content through one of the best ways to share files that have always been designed.

Offers support to Tor for which want to remain safe and a series features for the download of torrents very important at the time of set up the download of a torrent. It can activate DHT, LSD, uTP, uPnP, NAT-PMP, encryption of connections both as external as internal, and the filtering by IP.

Managing the app

LibreTorrent is a client that from the moment that launched it we realize that van direct to the heart of the matter without frills. That Yes, it avails itself of Material Design to present a button FAB from which we can add a link or opening a torrent file that we have downloaded to the memory of our smartphone.

It has a bug that does not allow to upload torrents from an own this type of content download page, so you will have to store it in memory and use the option “Open File” from the FAB button to add torrents. On the main screen you have a tab to switch between all who are being downloaded or those who have already completed the download process. Finally, we have the option to search for torrents and the icon three vertical dots to close the app or go to settings.


Not there is that configure nothing to pass us to the download of torrents, and the truth that works very well as have proven with a download fast. But that does some good adjustments to optimize the use of the app and downloads. From “Behavior” can get that the app is closing when them downloads is have completed, keep the CPU active if the speed of download is reduces when is turns off the screen or activate the option of download / upload when is connected to the charger.


In the options of networks or “Network”, can configure them settings for ToR / Proxy, all the options mentioned of LDS, DHT, etc, and the filtering by IP, although this increases the use of memory. If you already want to enter into a more advanced settings for downloading torrents, we have the category of Limitations, allowing us to change the speed of download and rise, the number of active downloads/uploads maximum and the number of active torrents, as you can also set the number of connections (default 200). This last option allows you to ease the use of the network that the client uses so that you can continue surfing the web safely.

Another of his best qualities is that from the persistent notification can expand the information to know the speed of download/upload, add torrents or even turn off the app. A detail to have in has and that shows that the developers of this customer know do very well the things and what have dear offer with this app.

In short, an excellent client torrent free and open source, that is worth of a good design and a good set of options. Highly recommended.

Download: LibreTorrent (Free, Google Play) →

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