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Lineage Android Project takes the witness of the defunct CyanogenMod


After all the confusion of yesterday, with many desire by our part of that not outside so, CyanogenMod confirmed yesterday in a publication from your blog that leaves of exist.

But not is all a bad news, since will be Lineage Android Project which takes the witness of the spirit still alive of a CyanogenMod that not is resisting to die, but to transform is.

Yesterday there was much confusion everywhere, much of it for not believing us that was going on the reality that we had between hands and by the lack of confirmation from the own CyanogenMod.

In a separate entry, here the link, the team behind CyanogenMod clarified what would mean the cessation of operations by Cyanogen:

  • All support economic and infrastructure for CyanogenMod from Cyanogen Inc shall cease: This includes includes paid developers to contribute code to open source project to the nightly servers
  • He team of CyanogenMod not will continue with the development official of the project: Cyanogen Inc. has them rights of the brand, so the team of CyanogenMod has decided that not worth of nothing follow with the development for the distribution of the open source without the support economic or it infrastructure. Even if the team found another form of finance is, the brand belongs to Cyanogen Inc. with all that implies
  • CyanogenMod is renamed to LineageOS: this effort comes from Steve Kondik, hoping to revitalize what he did to big CyanogenMod. This is that the team could find a server and put all to imitate it infrastructure from CyanogenMod
  • Cyanogen Inc. does not close: the company is restructuring and will focus on Cyanogen Modular OS program; they cut services that can no longer keep more

Now let’s hope that Kondik is capable of bringing back what was CyanogenMod to track and let us not remain without one of the communities that have been an inherent part of Android. Much depends on their existence of the effort that you receive from the developer community.

Support the current ROM will depend on the developers who will have the option to continue revitalizing them.

All the luck in the world for this new project. Here LineageOS github.

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