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Live NBA will be present in the platform VR of Google

Live NBA

NextVR has expanded its coverage of the NBA-virtual reality, to offer it in more than one terminal and in more countries than only United States. Aside from having it already on the Samsung VR Gear, you can see retransmissions from the DayDream platform from Google Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia.

We are talking about a service that is not cheap, as there is, to be able to get the NBA League Pass, to pay $200, although this will mean that you will be living almost in person every week parties in VR 180-degrees DayDream or Cardboard terminals, apart from what are highlights such as the “best mates”.

That is clear for certain shows, such as sports, the virtual reality is a great success to allow us to get almost in the center of the field and we can opt to other perspectives when the ball moves between all those talented players who aim to dunk it in the basket instead.

What you will need is to download the app on Google Play NextVR for use in DayDream, or visit the store Oculus Store with a VR Gear. From that moment you can access all the experience that leads the NBA through eight cameras that give you the best views of the parties.

Although at first experiences, due to the high side of broad requirement, has been found with pixelated images, NextVR broadcasts have received good reviews. It only that will need a device ready for DayDream (as the Google Pixel) or a Gear VR, although this last not cost less than 100 dollars. It only sticks is the lack of quality in certain terms, by which until not pass one or two years not will be worth the penalty pass is to those parties in VR.

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