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Lucky is the first chat bot Allo who guess the GIFs you want to


We already know that Google I/O 2017 will take place the days from 17 to 19 May. Surely as the big G has more news about the future of Google Allo, that app’s chat who came forward by his team of designers, but which has lost much bellows to stay somewhat forgotten; Although surely will take more relevant when there are new Pixel in the market.

Google has not abandoned this app and usually receive interesting news in recent months. One of the best features of Allo, and allowing to learn about the best virtual assistance of the moment, is Google Assistant, which now comes with a new bot called Lucky chat bot.

In that trend express themselves through animated GIFs, this new bot comes to heat it to present itself as something notorious in Allo chat app. It is version 5.0 of Allo introduced to Lucky.

Allo already allows you to ask questions in any conversation Google Assistant by using the @Google tag. Now you can type “@Lucky” followed by an introduction of search, so Lucky try to find a proper GIF. A functionality similar to what the search of GIFs in Gboard, Google keyboard, or the command /giphy in Slack.

This bot works pretty well, although it is pretty basic. A feature that would be you very good to other apps such as Hangouts and that plays to the random to provide users of the ability to find that GIF fun and not expected to be in the smile of a friend or contact that we have in some of those chat apps.

An Allo which has been widely criticized in the United States, one of the countries where could have impacted at best, SMS support, lacking a capacity provided by Google at the moment in Hangouts.

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