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Lyft can now get destinations directly from your phone calendar


The war open between über and more apps, as Lyft (or even Maps), against the Guild of them taxi drivers not have paints of that end. But at least the latter, are uniting to take out their own applications to be more a day before that world to evolve on a planet completely connected to where we go.

Lyft is launching a new feature that will allow the user does not have to be typing the destination over and over again, since now this service you can “draw” your next destination directly from information obtained from the calendar from your connected device.

Is a feature that not is away much of which has deployed über already makes a few weeks, which emphasizes the rivalry existing between these two services that is disputed a new market. The objective behind link calendar apps and take a seat in a vehicle, is to apply such a fate that already points this calendar event that puts “Going out for dinner with Peter to restaurant X”.


With that in mind, Lyft now you allows synchronize the calendar from your phone and your app to not have that introduce manually the destination of your left or date. There are some things that must be very clear, is that when you use this feature, Lyft only synchronizes with the native app on your phone calendar. This what means is that if have a calendar’s third, will have that synchronize you with Google Calendar to work properly.

As a bonus, Lyft users need to take your time to enter the exact address of the destination. The address has of be full with the street, city and even the Code postal so Lyft can apply that “magic”.

For soon will also be updated with the option to create shortcuts and favorite locations as is now “Home” and “Work”.

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