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Magic Mansion is a new platform retro monochrome of Nitrome

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Two days ago I did a good review of the best video games for Nitrome. A study of video games that has known show in little time that knows do very well them things by what regard to video games that have a touch retro in the pixel art, a successful and special gameplay and a good set of features that make to each one of them in a small jewel of the casual, platforms or RPGs. Nitrome is of those studies to which there is that follow and surely that this new game would be in that list of 10 video games free that made the Thursday with a special video.

Magic Mansion is the new game of this study that you will take through numerous levels challenging and that stands out by that style visual retro monochrome that le da a touch well special and unique. It is that we could be talking about any games for the Gameboy, since this console was characterized by the monochrome, so if you are nostalgic of that gadget for the Nintendo Entertainment, Magic Mansion is a must install it. In it you will find helping to the witch to go climbing by those towers and platforms, helped in many moments by another type of characters well designed and well funny.

A platform special that you leave wanting to

The pixels at the Magic Mansion are of great importance, since you’ll have to be focused to distinguish what are some spikes which is a platform that will not do you harm. Here is another thing to learn as we go witnessing a death after another of the main protagonist, the little witch.

Magic Mansion

It control of the protagonist is well simple, since must of go by pressing the screen to paste ones good jumps. The movement of the witch is continuous, so will have of this attentive for press the jump in the time just. One of its greatest virtues is that it has a large number of traps and enemies that will have of discovering their mechanics to be able to overcome them and fail to put an end to the game.

The monochrome as something special

With so much color, pixels, and different schemas in visual, becomes difficult at first to get used to the monochrome Magic Mansion, but it is true that this gives you something special. And it is that in the details is also one of the best qualities of this game that could become a part of any of the game boy.

Magic Mansion

Like other so many titles of Nitrome, one of the objectives is to unlock all the characters. But not be here, since you have a lot of levels to enjoy. Another advantage is that you can enjoy him in full, even if that micropayments are. Advertising will be present, but you have a way to remove it with a payment of € 2.42, so if the game comes you to fall in love with you can proceed to checkout to have all of its contents without any interference as it is the blissful publicity that hits at the least appropriate time.

It is free from the Google Play Store and if you thought that you could not love any character of any game or one itself, it will be better to not try this platform sympathetic of one of the studies that you best give their games of some special touches.

Aspect technical

Magic Mansion

Although initially it may seem that it is a retro style does not care, when we begin to play you give us account to minimize friction with the little witch will take us to the end of the game. The characters are well designed and have something nice that attracts. The rest of the game is to bring us a very good gaming experience without many fanfare technically on par.

Opinion of the editor


  • Striking visual style
  • His characters


  • Perhaps something expensive the remove the advertising

Download application

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