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Manipulates the weather in this different vector shooter called Time Locker

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If we are able to get the vector or polygonal graphics, we can find enough originality to bring us to different course and sensations. The Sentinel was a game of action and strategy released in 1986, and that came to be published in Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari ST, Amiga and PC. From a perspective three-dimensional solid in first person, was one of them titles more original and of greater quality of the era in which should of keep us cautious before that watch that should of avoid to all coast that us “looked”. This game was based on that vector graphic appearance which passes from those times to ours through we now have between hands.

Time Locker is a pretty striking game by the use which makes graphics and allows us to dive into a 3D world different from others that we have played in recent months. It is a shooter with a vertical perspective in which our protagonist must go running through a virtual Plains at which come to passing hundreds of animals in herd more a variety of different objects, such as all types of vehicles. But where is its most striking aspect is in the use of the time to take advantage of the and thus be able to annihilate all those stupid shape of vortex.

It controls the time to your pleasure

Almost as if we were Neo in the Matrix, in Time Locker will be able take control of weather at all times. This means that each time that we not make a gesture on screen to follow up, the time will stop with everything that happens on the screen. For example, if see a herd of animals come by it right, can think during some seconds as tackle them of the form more fast possible for thus annihilate them.

Time Locker

But not everything will be easier, since it could be even boring, and is that we will have to the surface that we run as one that can disappear if we remain more time unemployed account or with frozen time. So game mechanic is to go as fast as we can, although we have seconds to better devise the strategy to follow if we have enough enemies on screen.

A slightly special shooter

As we go forward, we can shoot about some animals that will be releasing certain powers so that we can improve the armament that the protagonist has. This means that, instead of firing only in vertical form, we can have other weapons that will allow us to kill more enemies flip so that so we don’t have or that vary the route.

Time Locker

Time Locker is a game that has some very original aspects and is for this reason that he couldn’t pass the time to these lines. It is a different game to what we have in the Play Store and out of those shooters and those categories who crowd the store Android games with the same themes and gameplay, so it’s more than welcome this game created by Sotaro Otsuka.

You have it for free from the Google Store Play to dive into a virtual world of vertices and edges of all colors.

Technical quality

With an very particular visual aspect, this game puts us before something other than played in these months. The characters are designed polygonal shape, which means that it uses the colors and the high performance when it comes to move dozens of enemies on the screen, to show us that it has some aspects that will get let it for a time in the internal memory of your smartphone. A simply different game that you already have to install it if you are looking for something more variety than what is released almost daily how to Play Store.

Opinion of the editor


  • His flashy visual style
  • The big way which can be animals


  • At the beginning it can be confused

Download application

Download: TIME LOCKER – Shooter (Free+, Google Play) →

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