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MediaTek introduces Pump Express 3.0, your solution for faster load time

Pump Express 3.0

Smartphones are adapting to times that play with higher-capacity batteries, which even allow us to have an “always on” display for the time, and an ultra-fast load getting to that in short time we have on mobile available almost immediately.

MediaTek has today launched Pump Express 3.0, its ultra-fast system that assumes it is the fastest of the moment. MediaTek promises to Pump Express 3.0 is capable of charging the battery from a smartphone from 0% to 70 in less than 20 minutes. It is precisely two times faster than existing solutions from other manufacturers in the market and five times faster than the conventional system.

The main idea is that if you do not want or load it in 20 minutes, with five you are able to have your mobile with a good load to be with the a few hours. Another of his powers is that Pump Express 3.0 is the first solution in the world that allows the direct charge via USB type-c. This type of load allows the phone overheating while avoiding electric current to pass adapter to the battery.

It also uses a secure cargo ultra solution with bi-directional communication and up to 20 additional protections to protect the terminal from possible overheating. It also used its own SoC technology which adds to technological advances in Richtek, a company that recently acquired to manage problems that may arise from fast-charging.

The previous version, Pump Express 2.0, is used by well known brands such as Sony, Lenovo, Gionee and Meizu. So these same may benefit from a faster loading, better efficiency and lower temperatures when their new devices that include the 3.0 version is loaded. It is the own MediaTek, which declares that the heat dissipation has been improved by 50% if compared to Pump Express 2.0.

End of year may be seen devices that have this technology in helium chips series P20.

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