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Microsoft shows how is your new Outlook for Android Wear watchface

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If there is something in what Microsoft are the Masters of the universe is in the software. You can already launch products such as that called Zume MP3 player or that his love affair with Nokia ended in a dismal failure, which continue providing great passion for software. For something it will be that your Windows 10 has coaxed millions of users and this is because they have some software developers who would like most to many.

Microsoft has just shown muscle in this sense with the Outlook for Android Wear watchface. Its novelty for the platform wearable allowing users with Microsoft email app take well your day with an excellent quality watchface. And it is that the next 12 hours of your life will be well covered with this excellent watchface to Outlook.

This new watchface joins the official Outlook support to Android Wear that started in April and that Microsoft took the trouble to direct a few words:

“The details of your next event is located in the front and Center, showing how much time you have left until the next meeting which should be. Also have information on how many emails you’ve received since you looked for the last time your phone not have any event on your calendar for the next 12 hour? Outlook will show you who has recently sent you an email. Simply you have to press to get to know the rest of the details”.

Another of the qualities of the watchface’s Outlook is that you indicate how many unread emails are available for reading. The customization options are also available as you can see in the various topics that are shown in the image shared by the own Microsoft.

A great novelty for Android Wear experience and which Microsoft can be well proud by bringing a watchface much style.

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