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Miitomo will be updated with a new minigame of candy: Candy Drop


Miitomo broke with much force, but gradually is has gone consuming to stay a bit in second flat. That breakthrough was due to the desire of millions of players around the world for having a video game created by Nintendo on their mobile devices. What happens to that its commitment to social game, it has not permeated many users and they are not so many people have it installed on their devices.

Anyway, Miitomo continues to update and within the application itself, there is a teaser that shows one of the most striking innovations coming to the app. A new mini game called Candy Drop that will allow you to use all those sweets that you’ve accumulated for updates within the own game. So those candy that many have there without use, now will have a use apparent when is release that new mini game.

Those candies can be used merely to unlock extras contestations of the friends you have on contacts, while then there are tickets to enjoy this mini game in which we must pull the avatar go falling for these platforms to see if we are lucky enough to be able to acquire some of the new clothes that will incorporate Nintendo.

The only problem with Miitomo is you need great content to make your formula a success. If you are looking for that them players have customization exclusive, need much variety in them joint of clothing, as is need several mini games for pass of one to another and not stay us in the single that was released with the game. They are very good questions, but they are for a few minutes, not to be gossiping all the friends that we have daily as if were a kind of save so I virtual.

While, hope to that month of September in which is supposed that will come the games authentic of Nintendo, but already can forget to their mythical characters.

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