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MIUI 8 will bring for multitasking multi-window mode


Yesterday we met that Google will not bring by default the multi-window Nexus devices launching this year with Android N. This does not mean that it can not be used, since it is available if a manufacturer wants to use it for their custom layers, the only thing that currently Google does not see list this feature to present it as one of the top as it does with many others.

Custom coating MIUI 8 was unveiled last month and at the beginning of this month the beta version ROM was available for download. A MIUI 8 with a lot of attention in the design as happens with every one of the terminals of Xiaomi, key of its success and so it has always been linked. If we talked about the characteristics and changes of MIUI 8, we now pay attention to one of its key features to come in the ROM and that were unaware.

This feature we’ve seen because this long Note Galaxy and Galaxy S Samsung to enhance multi-tasking on Android, but always we have the feeling that makes an excessive battery consumption when we divide the screen into two for a messaging app on one side, while on the other write some notes of a work for the University.

This feature is present in MIUI 8 and allows you to split the screen with that feature of multi-window for multitasking. The way it does is in parallel so that two tasks can be completed at the same time. It is precisely the functionality that will not be present by default in the Nexus devices.

The interesting thing about this development is that it will not form part of the first public MIUI 8 version, but it will come in an update for the coming months of the ROM.

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