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Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario, explains the reason to make Nintendo Games as good


While we keep hoping that Nintendo landing on Android with video games that are more arcade than that Miitomo offering values more to social, the reality is that we have to this factory of dreams pixelated focusing on mobile devices to bring that special recipe that have to be content to millions of players around the world that are able to immerse yourself in medieval adventure from your smartphone or tablet run like crazy before ruins or jump between different platforms to pass those levels; not to mention those more to the Candy Crush where we combine candies, fruits and sweets.

For more than 30 years, Nintendo has been offering entertainment in abundance for different generations who have encountered in their special games that fill their leisure hours when it raging heat in summer or rain falls in timely way in the autumn or spring. And it is that this Japanese video game Studio has something that is able to capture the attention of millions of players, as has served as inspiration to other studies of video games to launch their own titles. Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of the legendary “Super Mario Bros”, in an interview with Kotaku, explains some of the reasons for his philosophy in the design of video games.

I’m having fun and I’m having a good?

When you create a video game is made with a concrete objective and is getting that player well pass it is at that time that is located in front of a screen and a remote controller, either physical or virtual. Miyamoto States that the first question that a developer of video games should be done when you are designing your own game is to wonder if really he is having fun.

Miyamoto says:

Lately I would like that all over the world enjoy the game, but the first barometer to measure is to ask yourself if you are enjoying or not with his own game

Super Mario

Miyamoto also has a great lot of values in possession. It has never been in this business for the same games that make everyone else. It does not only make the same plays he has done before with a technology with increased capabilities. To that I respond with:

I think they are many who see as something unique using different technology or techniques to create games, but I feel while you have a base of game which is different to the others, that will be what it really is “unique”. We can be using the same kind of technology, the same kinds of techniques, but when we use it, we have to be different.”

The importance of design in the sound

Miyamoto refers to the sound design as an important element that a player’s game experience can be improved greatly. It maintains that the imminent The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will have more emphasis than its predecessors on this element, with an open world of larger size in which there will be different climates. The sounds of nature are key to ensure that the game is gorgeous.

Related to this same:

The player sees the grass and rocks, but from a programming point of view, it is obvious that they are neither grass nor rocks. It is here where we have to know how to use the sound. So when you are in a forest, we will try to reproduce sound effects that you actually remember where you are. Thus, if the player is inserted into one, they will have the feeling of entering a real one.

The Legend of Zelda

It is worth mentioning that the Zelda series was inspired by the time that spent Miyamoto exploring the Woods near his home when he was a child. It is in the interview where clarifies it and that even 30 years after the launch of the first Zelda, looking for gamers to evoke the memories of the players.

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